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We are deeply saddened by the unexpected loss of Reverend Titus Nanayakkara, known by many simply as Uncle Titus.  This remarkable man will be missed by all who knew him.  Uncle Titus was a man of conviction and great faith. A man of action, he worked tirelessly to better the lives of others.  Affectionately dubbed by some of us who knew him as "the Mayor"  because of his community connections,  and "Johnny Cash" due to his affinity for wearing a black hat with his black clerical garb, Uncle Titus was known by many around the predominantly Buddhist city of Galle simply as "the Priest".  He was the go-to guy when there was a problem requiring action.  His death is a great loss to the community and the country.  His legacy will live on through the lives of those he touched, and his good work will continue through his family and  Smyrna Church.
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